Different ways to reduce turntable vibration

Turntable vibration can be seen in the forms of swelling and droning when you play a record on a turntable. This happens when there is inadequate isolation from the vibrations of a large sound system with the best speakers for record player. The vibration will turn very aggressive as more gain is applied. It is very important to reduce turntable vibration as it will out sound the music.

Turntable vibration is the same as the squealing vibration experience using microphones. However, the frequency is much lower than the turntable vibration. This usually happens when you put an ordinary table and put the table near the sound system. You can never player records without the turntable vibrations.

Kinds of vibration

  • Low-frequency vibration
  • Airborne vibration

Low-Frequency vibration

When the vibration falls into the category of low-frequency vibration, you will get to hear low pitched drone or Rumble which is generally under 100 Hertz. The tabletop on which the turntable sits, the vibration will pass through the feet of the turntable and the pick by the needle. The signal amplifying by the mixture and then feedback into the sound system. This is how the turntable vibration is created.

Airborne vibration

Airborne vibration that happens occasionally it has a howling tone that is around 200 to 500 Hertz. This depends on the needles that are using on the acrostics of the room. Under this, the vibration is not passed through the tabletop whereas it is through the air. Comparatively, this vibration is a little hard to fix. Airborne vibration is very worse if it is in a concrete box room.

Turntable anti-vibration techniques

Turntable anti vibration techniques includes the uses of concrete blocks, frontends balls, and EQ.

Isonoe Feet

These are the most commonly used technique. You can find this in well-equipped clubs and companies. It is as effective as concrete. To reduce turntable vibration completely you have to use elastic bands and they have to be regularly replaced. The rubber will start to sag over a period of time and become totally ineffective. Rubber gel pads are also available to withstand the grip in the long run.

Inflatable free float cushions

These are inflatable PVC pillows which can be put under the turntables. This serves as an isolation platform, and thereby helps to reduce the turntable vibration.

reduce turntable vibration

Foam or rubber mat under the turntable

This serves as the best turntable isolation platform if the weight is a little mild. Outstanding outcomes can be expected with this technique of placing a rubber mat under the turntable.

Flight cases

You can use flight cases to cut turntable vibration. It can work well to make sure that the audio sound is very much higher than the turntable vibration.

Metal frame with suspended turntable platform

It is very useful during the festival and bigger clubs. You have to make sure that the concrete is in the right proportionate weight and the rubber is elastic enough. When these two things are set, you can expect that to work.


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