Were you ever at a musical instrument store, wanting to pick up a piece a gear, but you aren’t 100% sure it’s going to be the right choice? You wait and pace around for agonizing minutes trying to get the store’s sales help to give you a shred of attention. They finally do, and you realize their answer doesn’t make sense to you. In fact, you are starting to wonder if they know what they are talking about! Sweat drips as you pull out the credit card, about to make a major purchase and an inner voice shouts out “Dude, what are you doing?”. The clerk stares at you with the look of “hurry up, dweeb!” You either run from the store screaming “Why is everything so *bleeping* HARD, or pray to the gods you made the right choice.
At some stores you might get lucky and find an experienced, knowledgeable salesperson and might muse “if I could only listen to this guy all day I’d learn this stuff fast”. Well here you can.
If you really want to learn about music technology, there is no better place!